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Lever Kit - Black

The Lezyne Lever Kit is an all-in-one repair kit and tire lever combination.

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More info Lever Kit - Black

Lezyne Lever Kit - Black

The durable aluminum housing containing the tire repair set while serving as press-fit end caps. Lezyne adhesive pads are made of a specially developed synthetic rubber that is flexible and adapts to the inflated tire. Slice instructions have an adhesive backing, used as a temporary solution to a damaged tire. The Power Cap Levers serve  as both tire levers with integrated wire hook and sides. The tire has a thin, aggressive angle geometry provides an ideal lever for tires with a hard edge. Includes a durable and reusable, stainless steel band scrubber. Power Cap Levers are made of a durable nylon composition, made to withstand large forces.

Product specifications
tires scrubber
9x adhesive patches
1x Tire patch

Data sheet

Color (basic)Black, Black
Weight (grams)50
Other features bicycle accessoryIncluding tire scrubber, 6x self-adhesive patches, 1x tire patch and tire levers
Lezyne Pocket Drive Loaded Black/Hi Gloss

Lezyne Pocket Drive Loaded - Black


Lezyne Tubeless Power XL Tire Lever - Black

Color (basic)BlackBlack
Weight (grams)7959
Length (mm)140150
Pressure gaugeNo
Type of valvesPresta, Dunlop and Schrader
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