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Lezyne Strip Drive Pro Rear - Black

This LED from Lezyne has eleven output modes and offers up to 53 hours of runtime. The Strip Drive Pro is suitable for both day and night and has a simple mounting system.

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More info Lezyne Strip Drive Pro Rear - Black

Designed specifically for the Year 13 collection, the Strip Drive Rear features our new optic lens that provides up to 270 ° visibility. The LED also has a 32.5 hour increase in run time for a maximum of 53 hours. The die-cast construction is more compact, but still features five LEDs for up to 300 lumens of output. With 11 output modes, including a Daytime Flash mode, it has options for any time of the day or night. A versatile mounting system makes mounting easy and the LED is micro USB rechargeable.

The diagram below shows how many lumens the lamp offers in a certain position and how long the LED can last. A lumen equals the light of a candle.


  • Max. lumens: 300
  • Weight: 53 gram
  • Max. battery life: 53 hours
  • Charging time: 2:00 hours

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Data sheet

Color (basic)Black
Weight (grams)53
Mounting materialStrap
max. battery life (hours)53
Lumen (brightness)300
Number of positions11
Power sourceUSB rechargeable
Lezyne Laser Drive Rear 250 Lumen Black

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Lezyne Zecto Drive Max Rear 250 Lumen Black

Lezyne Zecto Max Drive Rear - Black

Lezyne Strip Drive Rear 150 Lumen Black


Color (basic)BlackBLK/HI GLOSSBlack
Weight (grams)846953
Mounting materialmounting strapClip-On and Mounting StrapStrap
max. battery life (hours)5:30 pm2453
Lumen (brightness)250250150
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