Femto Drive Rear - Purple


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Lezyne Femto Drive LED Rear

This small rear lamp has an output of 7 lumens. With one press on the lens the light is switched on or off. It has 5 different positions quickly flashing to continuous light. The Femto comes with two CR2033 batteries and confirmation strip. In the flashing mode, the femto has 60 hours to function, when the Femto is on the whole time it has for 30 hours of function. Equipped with the Clip-On system that helps you to clip it to your backpack or saddle bag, the lamp also comes with a rubber strap this will make it easy for you to attach the lamp to your bike. 

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Lezyne Led Femto Drive Rear

The Lezyne Femto Drive LED Rear is the smallest Led lights of Lezyne, which fits perfectly with the Femto Drive Front. Includes 2 CR2033 batteries and confirmation strip.

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Mounting Hardware : Clip on and Mounting strap
Weight (grams) : 31
Max. Battery life (hrs) : 60
Accessories : Two batteries included
Lumens (brightness) : 7
No. of Positions : 5
Power Source : Battery
Color (base) : Purple , PURPLE/HI GLOSS
Material : Aluminium, Plastic