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All Lezyne products

Lezynestore is Europe’s leading Lezyne expert. We are completely committed to Lezyne. One brand, all of their products. Since Lezyne has our full focus, we have been able to truly make the brand our own. Lezynestore offers the most complete range of Lezyne products. The Lezyne collection consists of all sorts of pumps, LED-lights, bottle cages, organizers and multitools. All items are conveniently categorized on our website, making it easy to search or filter on features, specifics, sizes, colors, etc. This enables you to always find the Lezyne product that suits and fits you. 

Lezyne constantly works on enhancing and innovating their products. Design, safety and efficiency are key in this process. Once Lezyne launches a new product or a upgraded edition of an existing product, it will become available on lezynestore.com as soon as possible. You are never missing out on a new, technical, high end Lezyne product ever again. 

Safe Shopping

Our webshop is completely safe. Our online services and E-commerce operations meet the standards of our national Dutch laws, but they also comply to numerous European E-commerce regulations and international business laws. Orders and payment via our website are protected, partly via the Valued Shop mark you can find on our website, and the protection is also woven in the way we build our webshop, technically. Last but certainly not least, data provided by you, such as your personal info, cookies, etc. are completely protected. They cannot be found, collected or used inappropriately in any way.

Our webshop is opened 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can shop and order at Lezynestore whenever you want. The payment methods we offer are tested, trusted and completely safe. Payment can be made by IDEAL, Sofort Banking, Mister Cash or a bank(wire) transfer. 

Safe and fast shipping

We have solid and healthy agreements with DHL services. Lezynestore 

Anywhere in Europe

Through our worldwide Lezyne network and via the various distributors, DHL Solutons and European Lezyne Pro Shops, we are able to reach the whole of Europe. No matter where you live, no matter how far that is from the Netherlands, we will be able to facilitate and deliver to you. Delivery within the Netherlands is free for orders above €50. Delivery in Belgium is free for orders above €100. To see the shipping costs to your country, please click here. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions on this matter. We will be happy to be of service. 

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