Micro Floor Drive - HVG


Product description

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive - HVG

The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive - HVG is a floorpump with the convenience of a handpump. It is designed to generate High Volume (HV) and is equipped with a Gauge (G).

The HV (High Volume) pump is unlike the HP (High Pressure) pump, more suitable for flat- and wide tires. The HV pump generates up to 6.3 bar, which is sufficient for the average cyclist and the mountainbiker (Max. Pressure is often indicated on the tire, usually 4 to 5 bar). 

The HV pump can easily inflate common cycling tires, flat tires and wide tires. With little effort a lot of volume and pressure is genereated. Overall, you could say that the Micro Floor Drive HV is more suitable for the mountainbike and flat tires (generate high volume quickly), and the HP pumps are more suitable for race bikes (generate high pressure quickly).

Product specifications

* HV pump: High Volume with pressure gauge
* Length: 300 mm
* Max. pressure: 6.3 bar / 160 psi
* Weight: 225gr

Sample floor pump: the advantages of a floor pump in a compact design
* High pressure: for racing
* CNC machined aluminum components such as the pump and the T-shaped handle

* 60cm long, premium-grade tubing
* The pump head is threaded: you screw the head on the valve
* The pump head is suitable for Presta and Schrader valves (French and car). For Dutch valve requires an adapter.

* Corrosion-resistant footrest provides stability during pumping

Weight: 205 grams

Please note that Lezyne pumps always come with the necessary mounts and straps to secure it. All hand pumps (High Pressure and High Volume) do. The mount and straps are always inlcuded!

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive - HVG

The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive has the best of everything. The comfort of a floorpump, the convenience and compact caracter of a handpump and the innovation of today, equipped with a gauge. 

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Length (mm) : 300
ABS Flip Thread Chuck : Yes
Weight (grams) : 194
Gauge : Analog
Type of Valve : Presta & Schrader
Max Pressure (bar) : 6.2
Serie : Micro Drive
Color (base) : Silver High Gloss, Zilver
Additional : Incl. composite matrix frame mount