Tech Drive HP - M - Black


Product description

Lezyne Tech Drive HP - M - Black

This HP pump allows easy application onto valves and inflates your tires with fewer strokes. The oversized handle and the cylinder are integrated into a compact design. It is equipped with the ABS Lezyne Flex hose, which has a threaded connection with Presta ABS at one end and a threaded Shrader compound on the other.


  • M
  • 216 mm / 100 gram
  • 120 psi / 8.3 bar maximum

Please note that Lezyne pumps always come with the necessary mounts and straps to secure it. All hand pumps (High Pressure and High Volume) do. The mount and straps are always inlcuded!

Lezyne Tech Drive HP - M - Black

This HP (high pressure) pump allows you to inflate your tire with fewer strokes. The Tech Drive is very compact with its oversized handle in which the cylinder and hose are integrated. 

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Length (mm) : 216
Weight (grams) : 100
Gauge : No
Type of Valve : Presta & Schrader
Max Pressure (bar) : 8.3
Serie : Tech Drive
Color (base) : Black , Black High Gloss
Additional : Incl. composite matrix frame mount