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Deca Drive 1500I Y11 - Incl. Lezyne Power Bank

The Deca Drive 1500I is not only very powerful, but has now the ability to double the runtime with the portable Lezyne Power Bank. 

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Plus- en minpunten

  • You can adapt the Lezyne Power Bank for a double runtime
  • Has seven different Modes
  • Recharging takes 6 hours
  • The Lezyne Power Bank adds another 192g weight

Data sheet

Mounting Hardware :Mounting strap
Weight (grams) :345
Max. Battery life (hrs) :266
Lumens (brightness) :1500
No. of Positions :7
Power Source :Lezyne Powerbank, USB rechargable
Color (base) :BLACK/HI GLOSS, Black
Material :Aluminium
Formaat (LxBxH) :11.3 x 4.5 x 3.2

More info Deca Drive 1500I Y11 - Incl. Lezyne Power Bank

The Lezyne Super Drive is a multi functional, high-peformance LED light. The powerful headlight is compact, durable and extra strong because of the CNC machined aluminum. At the bottom of the lamp is a waterproof connector for the Lezyne Power Bank, this makes that you can use the lamp under any condition.

Two LEDs deliver up to 1500 lumens in seven different modes. These modes includes different flashes, an economy mode and an Overdrive mode. This last one is an alernate output mode set that switches between an ultra-bright Overdrive mode and Economy mode. Thanks to the Memory mode you'll start with your last used mode.

The Super Drive 1500XXL has a MOR (Maximum Optimal Reflection) lens, this ensures that the lamp extracts the most out of itself. Next to that, the lamp has integrated side visibility. This provides extra visibility and increases safety. 

MOR Optic Reflection Lens

The Lezyne LED lamps are equipped with the newest MOR lens techniques. MOR lenses are optimised to maximise the light output, light beam and the lumen efficiency. The MOR lens is constructes in such a way, that the light rays have a wider and longer range. The beams are projected in a wide range, not in a straight line. This guarantees a view of 180 degrees.

Super Drive 1500XXL Chart


  • An CNC aluminum construction
  • Has a Memory Mode
  • Has a MOR lens
  • Has a Intelligent Power Indicator
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Has Side Visibility
  • Waterproof
  • Weights 345g
  • The recharge time is 6 hours
  • Compatible with the Lezyne Power Bank

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