Steel Floor Drive - Silver


Product description

Lezyne Steel Floor Drive

The floor pump had a long, strong hose with composite matrix links. The pump is durable paint finish and has a wooden handle. ABS2 equipped. 

New ABS2

The Lezyne Sport Digital Drive is equipped with a new ABS2. With this chuck you can connect quickly ans easily to Presta and Schrader valves. The function of the Air Bleed System button is that the pressure will escape between the valve and the tire. Usually when there is too much pressure on your tire you can not loosen the valve, but the ABS system prevents this. With the quick release design lets you disconnect the ABS Chuck easy of a Presta valve and unscrew a Schrader. It is made of aluminum and composite matrix. Thanks to the 90 degree angle, you can also use it on disc wheels.

Product specifications

Weight: 1.7kg
MAX: 220psi | 15bar
Size: 15 x 20 x 63.5 cm

Lezyne Steel Floor Drive

The Lezyne Steel Floor Drive has an aluminum base with a steel tube and plunger. It also includes a large, 2.5-inch meter, so you can read exactly the pressure. Up to 220 PSI.

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Speed Chuck : Yes
ABS Flip Thread Chuck : Yes
Weight (grams) : 1700
Ball Valve : Yes
Gauge : Analog
Type of Valve : Presta, Dunlop & Schrader
Max Pressure (bar) : 15
Serie : Steel Drive
Color (base) : METALLIC SILVER, Zilver
Lenght : 63,5
Material : Aluminium