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Lezyne CNC Tubeless Drive Black

This new pump from Lezyne is the ideal pump to take with you on a mountain bike ride. All repair supplies are in this pump.

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The CNC Tubeless Drive is a 3-in-1 pump, specially designed for tubeless repairs of HV tires. This hand pump has room for a tubeless tire repair kit and CO2 inflator. As a result, you have all repair requirements in 1 pump together. This saves space and weight. Due to the long hose and the overlapping handle, this pump is very compact and it is still possible to inflate your tires to 30 PSI. The chuck on the CNC Tubeless Drive is specially designed for tubeless valves. Due to this special design, the airflow is better and you can work more efficiently inflate your tire. The supplied 20 gram CO2 cartridge ensures a constant supply of air in your tubeless tyre. There are also 5 tire plugs in it.

Look here for the manual about the CNC Tubeless Drive Black


  • Material: CNC machined aluminum
  • Weight: 276 grams
  • Max pressure: 30 PSI / 2 Bar

Data sheet

Color (basic)Black
Lezyne Micro Floor Drive XL Black/Hi Gloss

Micro Floor Drive XL

Lezyne Control Drive CO2 16G Black/Hi Gloss

Control Drive 16/25g CO2 Y11 - Black

Weight (grams)36616
Length (mm)302
Pressure gaugeNo
Type of valvesPresta and SchraderPresta and Schrader
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