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CNC Cage AL - Silver

Lezyne CNC Cage AL Hi Polish/Silver View larger

The Lezyne CNC Cage AL is made of lightweight CNC machined aluminum. Ideally suited for smaller frames.

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The strong aluminium ribs hold the bottle firmly and ensure that the bottle is easy to grip at the same time. The low profile design and oval mounting holes make this cage ideal for small and compact frames with minimal space for a bottle.

Data sheet

Color (basic)HI POLISH/SILVER, Silver
Weight (grams)39
Other features bicycle accessoryFor left-handers, For right-handers, Suitable for the smaller frames.
Lezyne Power Cage Powder Silver

Power Cage - Silver

Lezyne CNC Cage AL Powder White

CNC Cage AL - White

Lezyne Matrix Team Cage Black/White

Lezyne Matrix Team Cage - Black / White

Color (basic)SilverWhiteBlack/White
Weight (grams)663936
MaterialAluminiumAluminiumComposite Matrix
Other features bicycle accessorySuitable for the smaller frames.For right-handers
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