Title: All-new tubeless kit and classic tubeless kit now in stock!
June 2, 2018 by

New this year are two carefully designed CNC tubeless repair kits that are compact, durable and stylish.

The Tubeless Kit consists of an aluminum storage tube that also serves as a handle. The handle of the Classic Tubeless Kit is stored in a small box. Both kits therefore guarantee maximum durability in the most compact possible design.

How to use the Tubeless Kits

Step 1

Step 1: Find the source of the flat tire

Step 2: Remove any cause of the hole

Step 3: Put the punch tool on the handle (this only applies to the Tubeless Kit)

Step 4

Step 4: Insert the tool into the hole and clean the puncture (inside) using the integrated 'reamer'

Step 5: Remove the tool from the hole

Step 6

Step 6: Place the tire plug in the eye (the eye should be in the center of the tire plug

Step 7

Step 7: Push the tire plug into the hole with the tool, but make sure the ends remain outside the hole

Step 8: Turn the tool clockwise so the tire plug turns into the hole

Step 9: Remove the tool but make sure the tire plug remains in the hole

Step 10: Re-inflate the tire to your desired pressure and you can hit the road again!