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Gauge Drive HP - M - Black

The Gauge Drive HP (High Pressure) is a powerful pump, the pump can generate a lot of pressure in a short time, ideal for road racing, mtb and so on.

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More info Gauge Drive HP - M - Black

This HP (High Pressure) pump is a powerful pump that can generate a lot of pressure. This pump is ideal for road racing, among others. The handle and barrel are integrated into a compact design. It is equipped with Lezyne's ABS Pen Gauge, accurate and compact in-line manometer compatible with French-, Dutch- and Car Valves.

New Construction
CNC sculpted aluminum cylinder and handle
Composite Matrix finials
Medium size

Product specifications

Size: 232mm
Weight: 119g
Max: 120 // psi 8.3 bar

Please note that Lezyne pumps always come with the necessary mounts and straps to secure it. All hand pumps (High Pressure and High Volume) do. The mount and straps are always inlcuded!

Data sheet

Color (basic)Black, Black Hi-Gloss
Weight (grams)119
Length (mm)232
Pressure gaugeanalog
Type of valvesPresta and Schrader
max. pressure (bar)8.3
Other features bicycle accessoryIncludes composite matrix frame mount
Pump headABS Pen Gauge
Lezyne Gauge Drive HP - M Silver/Hi Gloss

Gauge Drive HP - M - Silver

Lezyne Lite Drive - S Black/Hi Gloss

Lezyne Lite Drive S - Black

Color (basic)SILVER/HI GLOSSBlack Hi-Gloss
Weight (grams)11980
Length (mm)232180
Ball valveNo
Pressure gaugeanalogNo
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