• Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL / Strip Drive Pair Black
    € 96,95 In Stock
    Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL / Strip Drive Pair...

    The Micro Pro Drive 800XL is a powerful LED that is suitable for day and night. The front light delivers up to 800 lumens output and has a maximum battery life of 87 hours. The Strip Drive does have eleven output modes and offers up to 57 hours of runtime. This LED is also suitable for day and night and is easy to install.

    € 96,95
  • Lezyne Mega Drive 1800i Front Black
    € 159,95 In Stock
    Lezyne Mega Drive 1800i - Black

    This versatile LED from Lezyne has seven different output modes, is equipped with an Auto Day / Night sensor and features the new Smart Connect Technology. Ideally suited for serious night rides.

    € 159,95
  • Lezyne Lite Drive 1000XL / KTV Pro Pair Black
    € 91,95 In Stock
    Lezyne Lite Drive 1000XL / KTV Pro Pair -...

    The Lite Drive from Lezyne offers up to 1000 lumens and has a MOR lens. The battery life has increased by up to eleven hours and can now be used for 87 hours without being charged. To be used with the Remote Switch. The KTV Pro is super light, but durable at the same time. The operating time of this LED has been greatly improved along with the optics.

    € 91,95
  • Lezyne Sport Floor Drive Dual Valve Black
    € 49,95 In Stock
    Lezyne Sport Floor Drive 3.5 Gauge DV - black

    The Sport Floor Drive is a strong steel floor pump with a steel barel and piston. The design is simple but effective, which makes it an ideal pump to have at home. 

    € 49,95
    € 26,95 In Stock
    CNC Cage AL - Zwart

    The Lezyne CNC Cage AL is made of lightweight CNC machined aluminum. Perfect for smaller frames.

    € 26,95
    € 49,95 In Stock
    Carbon Drive Lite HP - S

    A lightweigt hand pump made for high pressure (HP) tires, with integrated valve tools. 

    € 49,95
    € 51,95 In Stock
    Lezyne Torque Drive - Black

    A machined tool with removable handle and magnet to keep your tools in place.

    € 51,95
    € 19,95 In Stock
    Lezyne Hex Wrench Kit - Chrome

    The Hex Kit is an Allen set consisting of nine Allen keys. These Allen keys are ideal for use in a bicycle shop or for a home bicycle repairer.

    € 19,95
De nieuwe Alert Functie
De nieuwe Alert Functie

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New from Lezyne! Floor pumps for gravel bikes
New from Lezyne! Floor pumps for gravel bikes

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