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    The newest GPS of Lezyne is the Mega Color GPS. With a screen size of 33,8 mm x 45,1 mm is the Mega Color slightly bigger than the Super GPS. It weights 73 grams and has a beautiful, bright screen with a high resolution, thanks to this you can also read your screen values with bright daylight.

    € 199,95
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    The Lezyne Trigger Drive CO2 is a compact, 100% CNC machined aluminum CO2 inflator

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    The Lezyne Mega XL GPS is a new Lezyne favourite. Suitable for on the road racing, but also for off-road and recreative users. The screen is 35,3 mm by 58,8 mm big and can be used horizontal but also vertical. The mount is delivered with the GPS. 

    € 199,95
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    The Lezyne M-Caddy Loaded is a firm, waterproof saddle bag containing everything you need when you are on your way.

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    Lezyne SV Tools are compact, low profile tools made of lightweight and durable material.

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    Lezyne Alloy Drive - S - Black The great thing about pumping through a hose, is that there is no lateral movement between the valve and rim. The pump can be mounted neatly onto the frame, without projecting parts. It can be mounted on the tabs on the bottle holder, frame and bottle cage. This frame holder is included!

    € 39,95
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    Lezyne water bottle (700 ml). Fits into all Lezyne bottle cages. 

    € 5,95

Eenvoudige stappen voor het oplossen van problemen met uw GPS

Eenvoudige stappen voor het oplossen van problemen met uw GPS

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