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    The Lite Drive from Lezyne offers up to 1000 lumens and has a MOR lens. The battery life has increased by up to eleven hours and can now be used for 87 hours without being charged. To be used with the Remote Switch. The KTV Pro is super light, but durable at the same time. The operating time of this LED has been greatly improved along with the optics.

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    The Micro Pro Drive 800XL is a powerful LED that is suitable for day and night. The front light delivers up to 800 lumens output and has a maximum battery life of 87 hours. The Strip Drive does have eleven output modes and offers up to 57 hours of runtime. This LED is also suitable for day and night and is easy to install.

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    The Sport Floor Drive is a strong steel floor pump with a steel barel and piston. The design is simple but effective, which makes it an ideal pump to have at home. 

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    A machined tool with removable handle and magnet to keep your tools in place.

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    The Power Drive 1100I is not only very powerful, but has now the ability to double the runtime with the portable Lezyne Power Bank. 

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    The newest GPS of Lezyne is the Mega Color GPS. With a screen size of 33,8 mm x 45,1 mm is the Mega Color slightly bigger than the Super GPS. It weights 73 grams and has a beautiful, bright screen with a high resolution, thanks to this you can also read your screen values with bright daylight.

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Eenvoudige stappen voor het oplossen van problemen met uw GPS

Eenvoudige stappen voor het oplossen van problemen met uw GPS

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